Sometimes it’s hard to be strong,

When life makes you weak.

Sometimes it’s hard to love yourself,

When you don’t know what makes you unique. 


Sometimes we just don’t see the light,

We feel surrounded by the dark.

Sometimes we just feel the world caving in, 

And we don’t know how to make our mark. 


Sometimes it takes tears,

To get the courage to stand up. 

And sometimes it just takes self-love,

To get yourself back up. 


So be kind to yourself,

And believe that everything will be all right. 

Face the things that keep you down, 

And hold your head up and fight!


Being a senior in high school, I know how hard it can be to balance academics, extracurriculars, and still have the time to socialize with your friends and relax. We sometimes forget how important it is to just take a step back from everything and take care of ourselves first. I was inspired to write this poem to remind myself and others that there will always come a time when things are challenging and difficult—we just have to remember to not let the pressure break us and to believe that we’ll make it through even when it doesn’t seem like it. We’ll get to where we’re meant to be as long as we love who we are and stick to our values <3

Anushka Nikhil
Senior at Dublin High School
Teen Advisory Board 2019-2020

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