Sometimes it’s dark. 

Sometimes the Thoughts flood over my brain,

taking it over. 

They become so powerful that they materialize, welling out of my eyes 

and appear as streams running down my cheeks.


Sometimes it’s sharp. 

Sometimes the Feelings rush from my heart, 

into my bloodstream. 

They spread to every part of my body, 

stabbing me from the inside, 

trying to escape through my chest, my mouth, my feet.


Sometimes it’s cold. 

Sometimes the Void appears inside of me, sucking all the bright places into its depths. 

It spares nothing, destroys everything, 

leaving me 

an empty shell 




Sometimes it’s light. 


Sometimes it’s joy, love, warmth. 

Sometimes a Fire ignites in my heart, 

warming every inch of my being.

It burns, burns away all the sadness, 

leaving me ready for the sprouts of joy to grow, 

making me feel, for the first time, alive.


These times are the blinding light at the end of a long dark tunnel.


Sometimes I want to look away, afraid of the light.

But I don’t.

These times are worth living for.


Depression makes you feel so much, and sometimes not at all. It can be overwhelming sadness, pain, or even overwhelming nothingness. Life really can feel pointless, or worse than that, hopeless. But really, life is never without hope. The little things in life make it worth living. Things like laughing with your friends, eating your favorite food– they can bring so much joy and light into life. These things can put you on a brighter path. Look for the small things in life to keep you going. They are there, even in the darkest of times. Once you see them, they will bring blinding light into your life.


– Ilina, California

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