There once was a wanderer,
burdened by constant distraction,
for the world in which they traveled,
that had once brought endless discovery,
manifested a face without joy or satisfaction,
and with their every step,
their dreams,
their hopes,
their desires,
were disintegrated from their being,
as chaos continuously overtook their mind in which it crept,
and to their dismay,
they wallowed away,
unknowing of the beauty they had forgotten,
but upon a single breath,
one brimming with immense determination,
the fog that shrouded their thoughts,
subsided as their air flowed outward,
into the loving arms of the world,
and with their newfound perception,
they rejoiced with the true intentions of their heart,
to find the light once again,
after a life overturned,
towards peering into the depths of darkness

Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read my poem as I hope that it enabled you to connect with the nameless wanderer themself and their journey to find satisfaction within the world around them. This piece is of utmost importance to me as it portrays many of the struggles that I have had to endure within many facets of my own life as the constant discrepancies of doubt, wariness, and dissatisfaction always seem to resurface at the most unlikely of times.

The wanderer acts as a resemblance of myself in many ways due to the fact that for most of my life, I was always overcome with self doubt and was constantly anxious as to the many occurrences that surrounded me, therefore preventing me from truly finding who I was and being the best individual that I could be. I plagued myself with continuous thoughts of neglect and misfortune towards my actions and resolve. I doubted my intentions and the enactments that entailed the will of my very being, and as an effect of these actions, I prevented myself from finding the facets of life that made me whole, that made up who I really was.

The most surprising part of my journey was the sheer impact that my struggles were having on the people that I cared about the most. As my own self doubt burdened them with the task of having to constantly attempt at showing me everything that I retained, my potential and importance, and even how much of an integral part of their life that I was. But, in finding the spark within my soul as the wanderer once did after realizing the beauty of life itself, I reignited the fire in me once again and found the connections that had always been present in my life within the people that continuously watched over me despite my internal struggles to come to terms with the joy that I knew I retained within me.

This poem may represent the symbolic journey that I have embarked upon, but I also intended for the wanderers progression to mirror that of many other individuals throughout the world as we have all at some point felt discouraged to the point of being unable to find solace in times of need. In all reality, I want you to know that no matter who you may be, there are people who will always care about you and see you for who you are, and that it is always possible, despite how difficult it may seem, to find the determination that you require to formulate a place within this world that we call home.


– Skyler, California

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