This poem embodies the process of struggling with emotions of isolation that are found towards the beginning of suffering from anxiety and depression. The beginning encounters and feelings that arise when you experience it. It brings forwards the feeling of what it means to go through this. It also highlights the beauty of discovering how to overcome it. Whether it’s a gold rush of joy or finding peace with yourselves, you should never give up on your self-worth. Seeking help and opening pathways to self-care will allow you to feel happy with yourself. 


Shines down through the cracks of light

Wishing moments

As my breath clears the bluest skies 


Rushes down my adrenaline colds 

Drowning motions

As my thoughts bury my evergreen world

Catching every time I fell down to the ground 

Where my conjoined monsters broadened my pain

Catching every time I lost my everkingdom crown 

Where my doubt became the idea that kept me sane 

A pain one thought would bash me internally 

A complexity that no one understood 

A sign to bottle it all up


Became a blanket in the deepest of trenches

Padding voids in the darkness of my tormets

Where happiness arose because of me 


No longer rained down from my clouds

Bringing me clean from shattered hopes

Dreaming of epiphanies that protected me

A pain that no longer overpowered me externally 

A process that takes time and acceptance

A sign to open up to others 

And may it continue to create prosperity into the afterglow

Blocking out the clowns and jokers of despair 

Within the corridors of my life

A pain no longer found 

Through the death of my insecurities

I felt alive

I felt happiness

Celebrating the closure one achieves

And learn we are not alone 

Reviving from the kicks and falls

As you see you’ve truly in the end


With that being said, never undermine your experiences. Whether you see yourself having panic attacks, having changes in your mood, or even feeling overwhelmed with how you are doing, always remember to speak to someone. Mental health could be seen as taboo in the perspectives of many. It shouldn’t be. Many times people are afraid to speak for themselves. You should never feel ashamed of who you are, your individuality, and your struggles. With resources found in your community, you can always receive assistance. At times we misunderstand our circumstances and believe we are bound to the struggles we are given. Whether it’s because we are conditioned to put ourselves down or avoid having to speak to another person, we can feel pretty alone if it continues up. Anxiety and Depression are some of the common hardships everyone has faced. In fact, anxiety affects 18.1% of the population every single year with many not seeking help. While these are those most common, people still need to grow to understand the complexity behind depression, anxiety, ect. This is sometimes because of how these mental disorders are shared among people especially those who suffer from them severely.


-Darwin, California

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