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At Bring Change to Mind, we believe in the power of “are you ok?” It’s a simple question, but it can change someone’s day. Or even save someone’s life. That’s why we’re partnering with talented writer and illustrator, Emily McDowell, to bring you free refreshingly honest greeting cards that help start the conversation around mental health. Text them, tag them, DM them or download and print them to check in on a friend and let them know you’re there.

I created Empathy Cards to help make it easier for people to connect during hard times. When we’re at our lowest, receiving a card is more meaningful than ever, but in a sad twist of irony, these times are also when people don’t know what to say. Empathy Cards were designed to help bridge that gap – to help struggling people feel seen and understood, and to help others find the right words to reach out.

Emily McDowell

As someone who’s been in treatment for clinical depression for 25 years, BC2M’s mission to end the stigma surrounding mental illness is near and dear to me personally. Although we might not be able to cure mental illness itself, we do have a cure for the shame, loneliness, and isolation: talking about it. The more comfortable we feel with saying “me too,” or “how are you feeling?” or “hey, would you like to hang out and do nothing?” the healthier we’ll all be.

Emily McDowell

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