Remember Me

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Short and long-term memory is challenging for me; the memories in between are where I live, when I can. I perform daily activities based on patterns I have set up. If my routines get disrupted I have a hard time staying on task.

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Stigma Stacked

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From my life experiences, I’ve come to learn that stigma comes in many forms. When I say I have bipolar I’m not so afraid anymore of what people think. It’s an illness that I was born with and something I have zero control over having. People tend not to judge you so much for having bipolar; they do still judge you for the stereotypes ingrained in the world that come along with it, but that’s why I speak out and work with Bring Change to Mind.

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A Slender Thread

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Stability is subtle. If you knew me when I was sick and struggling, you’d see enough of a change in me today that I might appear normal. Not pretending to be normal to blend in, but less awkward, less preoccupied, more present. That’s what I want, to be free to be mentally ill and still be a part of the landscape of human connection without the pretense of convention.

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My past gave me strength to move forward and be a voice for mental health discussions. There were many difficult times along my journey and days I thought I would not survive, but I did. Instead of letting the words people say to you bring you down, let them empower you. For each of you is a warrior and a voice, together we can change to discussions surrounding mental health disorders.

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