Tina C

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My daughter is a beautiful, intelligent person both inside and out but her future remains shaky due to the stigma that exists in our society. The stigma affects the healthcare that she isn’t getting at the moment that would allow her to hold a full-time job and even better yet, have long-term relationships.

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Smile for the Camera

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I was not born depressed. I have proof. The images of me in old photo albums show a normal, happy child. A wide grin appears on my face as I’m being passed around from my mom, to her mom, to my dad’s mom, to aunts, uncles, cousins, and close family friends. My smiles were real. I can tell. The yellowed tape that still barely adheres the pictures to the cardboard pages is a stark contrast to my bright, alert eyes and pearly-white smile. “Let’s see some teeth!” my dad, an orthodontist, used to say as he focused his camera lens and clicked away. It’s ironic that so many years later I’d be using these images as concrete evidence that I didn’t come into this world with anything close to the chronic depression I developed in adolescence.

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