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Featured Partners

Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation

Three years since the announcement of the HBC Foundation in the United States, Saks Fifth Avenue continues their commitment to mental health under the new name – the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation – with the mission to:

  • Increase awareness and education: Foster conversations and support educational programs that break down the stigma of mental health issues
  • Improve access to care: Increase the availability of resources to address mental health issues when and where they are needed most
  • Build protective factors:  Strengthening the attitudes, behaviors and relationships that build the foundation for mental health
  • Reach target communities: Focus on support for those communities that are uniquely affected by mental health issues

The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation will provide crucial support to Bring Change to Mind and other communities impacted by the widespread effects of COVID-19. “Now is the time to stand together to support our community, our customers and all those affected both physically and mentally by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Marc Metrick, President, Saks Fifth Avenue. “Whether it’s medical workers on the frontlines, hospitals that require more essential supplies and resources, or those experiencing stress or anxiety about the virus, we know donations through the Saks Foundation will provide vital relief to those in need during this challenging and uncertain time.”

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Abercrombie & Fitch, Co.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is supporting the expansion of BC2M’s educational programs across Central Ohio, which is home to the company’s global headquarters. The retailer’s initial funding will support implementing student-led high school clubs in 20 Greater Columbus area schools by Fall 2020. Additionally, A&F Co. hosted BC2M’s First Columbus Leadership Meet Up on February 8, 2020, where over 65 local student leaders attended a day of discussion and training as they start to launch the Bring Change to Mind program in their schools.

“Ending the stigma surrounding mental illness is important, now more than ever before. Through various organizations we support at the local and national level, we understand the severity of mental health issues facing our communities today, and we are dedicated to driving awareness and providing support, especially for teens in need,” said Fran Horowitz, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. “From our initial conversations with Glenn and the team, we knew there was more to do in this space and we applaud Bring Change to Mind for its commitment to this important work.

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Water Cooler Group

The collaboration between Bring Change to Mind and Water Cooler Group grew out of a desire to connect with more supporters through all platforms of communication. Water Cooler Group is a United States based integrated marketing holding company, and works with Bring Change to Mind to raise awareness through online and offline marketing campaigns, outreach, and publicity. Water Cooler Group is a strong supporter of the values and mission of Bring Change to Mind. Together, we’re amplifying the conversation through media to end the stigma of mental illness.

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The mission of GlowBiotics is to help all women feel good about what they put on their skin so they can radiate confidence from within, because they know when you feel good on the inside, you will glow. In that spirit, the company donates 1% of all sales to mental health charities, as they not only want to help people to look good, but also feel good from the inside out. We are grateful to be the beneficiary of this amazing skincare line.

Learn More is a brand that values kindness and hard work. Their mission is to use their brand and products to celebrate fun and friendship, encourage self- expression, and provide an endless amount of happiness. In 2018, partnered with us to encourage more people to talk openly about mental health. Their “Anxiety” and “Depression” necklaces, the proceeds of which supported BC2M, were an immediate hit. They sold out within days, helping BC2M further the mission of ending stigma, and raising much-needed funds for BC2M programs.

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Generous goods

Generous Goods connects conscientious consumers with brands and products that support the causes they love. Their new Shop & Support initiative takes this a level deeper, offering shoppers a curated collection of products that support a specific organization.

Our partnership connects our supporters with seven generous brands that have built giving back to BC2M into their models. From beneficial beauty products to on-trend accessories, these brands recognize the importance of funding and building awareness for mental health concerns of all kinds. Many of their founders also have strong personal connections to the cause. We look forward to sharing their stories with you in the coming weeks! View the Generous Goods + BC2M collection here.

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The hidden burden of major depression and anxiety nearly got the best of K-DEER founder, Kristine Molly Deer, that is until she found the strength to get help and take back her mental wellness. The Molly Stripe is a #conversationstarter — bringing awareness and empathy to the struggles of mental illness. For each sale of the Molly Stripe, 5% of e-commerce proceeds goes directly to support Bring Change to Mind.

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Link of Hearts

Link of Hearts’ designs are simple and minimal, but their INTENTION sets them apart. Most companies give monetary donations; their mission is to inspire and connect with someone directly… To touch one’s heart, and encourage someone to get through one more day… And, to be a voice to help fight the stigma of mental illness. Every piece that Link of Hearts designs comes with an inspirational word/phrase. They believe that one simple word on a piece of jewelry, or any item, is a positive, powerful, daily reminder of hope. That is the purpose. That is the mission.

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The ArtJive

The ArtJive connects and supports like-minded groups, individuals, artists, and creatives all through the use of expression and art forms. They also aim to reduce fast-fashion footprint and promote sustainability. The ArtJive does this in a few ways, either; 100% recycled material, reworked vintage, one-time-& small-runs, handmade, or one-of-a-kind pieces.

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We are grateful for the support of many diverse organizations throughout the years, including:

The Kevin Love Fund

To learn how your organization can support BC2M through a strategic partnership, contact us here.