A student-led program dedicated to creating stigma-free campuses.

Bring Change to Mind’s Undergrad Program empowers students to create fun, educational mental health awareness events and campaigns for entire colleges and universities. Our goal is to encourage open dialogue and to build inclusive campus climates through providing a range of adaptable anti-stigma materials. BC2M U is currently part of a four-year, science-based project at Indiana University to test and evaluate this model.

BC2M Undergrad seeks to end the stigma around mental health by creating groups of impassioned students that work to normalize the conversation.

U Bring Change 2 Mind promotes education and awareness on college campuses by connecting students to existing resources, providing tools and ideas to bring activities and events to campus that focus on inclusion and education surrounding mental health.

BC2M Undergrad is an intervention and assessment research project whose goal is to develop a systematic, scientifically-tested program that is distributed to colleges and universities throughout the country as they create their own student group.

BC2M Undergrad believes that through student education and empowerment we can encourage open dialogue and intervention to change the attitude around mental health, while lowering the barriers to care. By emphasizing “connectedness” and social support, we can change attitudes, lower levels of stigma, and eliminate barriers to mental health care, ultimately improving lives.

Why does mental health matter to teens?

¾ of mental health disorders start before the age of 24.

73% of students report having a mental health crisis.

40% of students experiencing mental health concerns seek care.

Student Testimonials

“This organization has allowed me to help empower others to reach out for the help they need, change the way mental illness is viewed, and provide a safe environment for conversation to take place.”

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in something that I know will change the lives of people across America.”

“Over the last year, I’ve had teammates, university staff, and even complete strangers tell me that the work we’re doing has changed their perception of mental illness.”

Join the movement

Thousands of students on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus are involved. Here are our participation numbers for the 2017-2018 school year.

*Updated at the beginning of every school year


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Start Your Own club

The BC2M Undergrad Program is currently part of a four-year, evidence-based research project on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. Once completed, the program will be offered, free of charge, to other colleges and universities across the country. The students and advisors from these schools will be able to pick and choose from a variety of events, activities, and campaigns that have been scientifically tested at IU by Dr. Bernice Pescosolido, Ph.D. and a volunteer team of 12 IU faculty members.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does BC2M U work?

  • BC2M U starts mental health conversations among peers, faculty, administration, other organizations, and larger communities through fun and educational awareness events that are open to the entire campuses. The program also serves as a resource for creating safe and stigma-free zones.
  • Once a BC2M U Club has formed, you can schedule weekly or bi-monthly meetings to talk about mental health and wellness on your campus. From these discussions, you will then plan events and activities to engage the wider school community and to create ripples of change in how mental health is talked about and perceived by your peers.
  • BC2M Headquarters will provide you with all the necessary materials and resources required to launch and develop your group.
  • If you are looking for ways to encourage fellow students to address mental health on your college or university campus, keep an eye out for the national launch of BC2M U!

Why should I join the BC2M U Club, or launch one on my campus?

  • BC2M U empowers and supports student efforts to plan and participate in an array of fun and effective activities to reduce stigma and increase mental health awareness on your campus.
  • BC2M U helps students to talk about mental illness with the people in their own lives.
  • BC2M U provides you with access to a wide network of students who share your passion for mental health and wellness.
  • BC2M U offers you numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Your BC2M U Club will be frequently informed about mental health training and educational opportunities happening in your area.

Is BC2M U evidence-based?

  • BC2M U is currently part of a four-year research pilot phase on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus to evaluate the efficacy of a range of anti-stigma programming and materials all designed for students, by students. The pilot has provided us with incredible insights, and, once completed, the results will be packaged up as a free-of-charge toolkit for interested colleges and universities.
  • The research is led by Dr. Bernice A. Pescosolido, Ph.D., a Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Indiana University and the Director of the Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research.
  • BC2M U’s pilot project was launched in the fall of 2014 at the University of Indiana’s Bloomington campus, and is, currently, in the final year of research. Stay tuned for the results!

Why is BC2M U important?

  • Undergrad campuses are often overwhelming places of heightened stress and anxiety. And, research shows that 26% of students live with a diagnosable mental illness. However, stigma is still considered to be the largest barrier to seeking help for mental illnesses on undergrad campuses. Students worry about their social perception if they pursue treatment, and this perceived stigma prevents them from seeking medication, therapy, or other forms of support. BC2M U is removing the stigma that feeds these attitudes in order to help students take early action in addressing their mental health.
  • Research has revealed that undergrad students are more knowledgeable and open-minded about social issues, including mental health, than their elders. As undergrad students start to experience the onset of mental illness personally and amongst their friends and peers, we must provide a platform for them to connect, share, and learn.

Is BC2M a support group for teens living with mental illness?

  • BC2M U does not serve as a support group on campus nor is it a form of therapy. Students seeking clinical help should be referred to their school’s counseling services, or to other resources such as the Crisis Text Line (Text 741741) or the National Suicide Prevention Line (Call 800.273.8255).
  • As an organization, BC2M strives to create inclusive communities where issues regarding mental illness and stigma are talked about openly and honestly. Undergrad students, no matter their relationship to or knowledge of mental illness, are welcome to join the BC2M Student Movement.

I am concerned about a friend. How do I get him / her / them help?

  • Having a bad day is normal, and happens to everyone. However, when these bad days turn into bad weeks or bad months, and you notice significant changes in your friend’s behavior or personality, it may be a sign of bigger concern.
  • Initially, one of the most important things that you could do is to show love and concern for your friend and to let them know that you’re always there to support them. If you believe that your friend requires additional help, or if you feel overwhelmed in any way about the situation, trust your gut and do not hesitate to speak to someone who could help. This may be a counselor, a professor, or a parent / guardian.

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