Change lives with a mental health career

It can be hard for people living with mental illness to seek support. And when they do, often there aren’t enough trained professionals available. It’s predicted that by 2025, there will be a shortage of approximately 250,000 mental healthcare providers throughout the country.

The mental health community needs intelligent, compassionate people to join the sector. Bring Change to Mind and the Patrick P. Lee Foundation are working to save lives, reduce suffering, and ensure that people living with a mental illness are able to pursue their full human potential.

When your friends need someone to listen, do they often turn to you? Are you able to understand how people feel, even if they don’t actually say it? If so, a career in mental health might be right for you. Here are the hard numbers:

56% of American adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment.
More than half of U.S. counties have no psychiatrists
ERs reported a 42% increase for demand of psychiatric services over the last 3 years
Over 100 million people live in


In addition to the organizations bringing you this campaign, there is a wealth of knowledge and resources with several different mental health associations. Read through our Associations page to learn how they can help you get started in your career.

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If you’re considering or currently pursuing a mental health degree, there are many financial resources that can help you reach your goal.

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The mental health industry is a constantly evolving world – research and exploration of the brain and how people think is an ongoing process. As a result, there is an abundance of educational articles on a variety of subjects within the mental health field. Search through a selection of articles and read the latest news and research.

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This campaign was brought to you by the Lee Foundation and Bring Change To Mind.

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