Every Conversation Starts Somewhere

For our 2017 campaign, we focused on one of the biggest challenges in discussing mental health: getting started.

We gathered a team of performers, many of whom have connections to mental illness in their own lives. We asked them to roleplay different conversations, touching on various diagnoses and relationships.

The videos show that no matter what you’re facing, or who you’re reaching out to, you can make a real connection. Not every conversation will be perfect, but each one fights the stigma around mental illness. And, that’s a conversation worth having.

Conversation Videos

How do you talk about depression with a football fan? Anxiety with a chef? Bipolar disorder with an artist?
Find out in our series of PSA videos.

How to Talk About Mental Health with Anyone
Depression with a Football Fan
Bipolar Disorder with an Artist
Anxiety with a Chef
Bipolar Disorder

Inspiration Tool

Need some inspiration to start talking about mental health?
Try our interactive conversation tool. Select a diagnosis and a person and get a customized conversation starter.

Performer interviews

To create our videos, we chose performers whose lives had been touched in some way by mental illness.
In one-on-one interviews, they explain what this conversation means to them, and their hopes for the future.

Tabitha on Addiction and Judgement
Jo on Coming to Terms with Depression
Isa on Mental Health and LGBTQ+
Georgia on Her Mother’s Battle with Depression
Anthony on the Connection Between Pain and Humor