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Student Testimonials

“Before being diagnosed with anxiety myself, I had very little understanding of what anxiety is and what it means to have it. I viewed it as something permanent and something to be ashamed of, and I couldn't imagine having a discussion about it with others. It took many months for me to accept my condition, learn to overcome it, and realize that I have nothing to be ashamed of at all. Through LETS BC2M, I hope to help others make the same realization, foster open conversations about mental health, and spread the word that you CAN get better.”


“As an advisor, I loved working with BC2M. you all have been there when I needed help or support. Thank you so much for creating this group and opportunity!! You are all ROCKSTARS!”

StephanieClub advisor

“I want to change the way people, especially my peers, see mental illness. The BC2M club has allowed me to help my peers by educating them, and as a result, begun to erase the stigma of mental health in our school.”


“I really believe in this club and know that we will expand greatly over the next few years at our school. Thanks for everything!”

CadyClub advisor

“The BC2M Student Summit was a great way to meet and liaise with other students who are passionate about erasing the stigma of mental illness. It has really opened my mind to the lack of awareness that I subconsciously have in certain situations”


“The Summit was so much fun! I loved meeting everyone and learning more about what they do with their club. It was really helpful to hear other people's stories”


From 2015 to 2017, BC2M funded a formal evaluation of BC2M HS to ensure the program’s efficacy and impact. The evaluation was performed at UC Berkeley, under the co-direction of Professors Stephen Hinshaw (UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco) and Bennett Leventhal (UC San Francisco). The UC Berkeley Committee for Protection of Human Subjects fully approved this investigation, and the participants were over 700 diverse high-school students from the San Francisco Bay Area. Overall, the core findings indicate that high school students can and do reveal meaningful reductions in stigma as the result of BC2M High School Program club participation.

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