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I Can’t Escape My Body

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I believed that it was somehow normal for insects to live under the skin. I was too embarrassed to seek help because I never thought anything was wrong. Even after I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I kept my bug problem to myself. It’s only recently that I’ve opened up about it in therapy. I’ve dealt with it since my first break at twenty-one.

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Kaedan O.

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Today, I finished the first complete draft of my Master’s thesis, and what I hope will become my first published article as a scientist. Today, I had an anxiety attack, ending up on the floor of a university bathroom hyperventilating and sobbing. These two events were unrelated, but together paint…

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Amanda W.

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It’s pretty difficult to narrow down when my journey actually started, but I’d say it became most prominent during my junior year in high school. The summer before my junior year, I transferred schools and moved in with my aunt and uncle so I would have more educational opportunities. It…

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