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Schizophrenia has taken me to places which, thankfully, few will ever have to know. I tell my story that others might be encouraged to share their own. And somehow, in a way I don’t yet fully understand, I find myself thankful for the loneliness which teaches me daily the values of humanity and love.

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Aubrey B.

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I feel like I am strong enough now to share this with you. My hope is to bring more awareness to others, start conversations, and inspire hope to those who are suffering. Whoever you may be, I want you to always remember that you are loved and you

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My Safety Net – Part II

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I recognize now that I’m a great friend who often makes poor choices when selecting relationships. I’m outgoing, gracious and generous with my time and energy, but with a mental health diagnoses that often scares the hell out of people, I found myself with many quick to start, short-lived acquaintances. These people didn’t truly care or more likely didn’t have time to earn a spot on my support list. As a result, despite knowing many people, my circle of true friends sometimes felt – even to this day — slim. And that’s okay.

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