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Learning about the experiences of others can help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and give those who are suffering the courage to seek help. Remember, you are not alone.

Lia Salvatierra’s Speech at the Third Annual BC2M Gala on November 9, 2015 in NYC

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Mental Illness. Two words. Many assumptions. Two words, synonymous with guilt, shame and stigma. Two words, misunderstood. Two words, silenced. That is why I am here today to speak to this silence. I am here to share my story. By adding this story to the collage created by many, I aim to change perceptions and create awareness.

Susie D.

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Please watch and share Susie’s informative and uplifting video!

Jonny Benjamin

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Jonny Benjamin shares his #StrongerThanStigma story of how necessary it is to reach out to friends & family when in need.


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Listen to Charlene speak about living with schizophrenia and her empowering call to action. “See yourself as courageous. Believe in Yourself”


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A little gift of video from Henry Boy to our community.

Aubrey B.

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I feel like I am strong enough now to share this with you. My hope is to bring more awareness to others, start conversations, and inspire hope to those who are suffering. Whoever you may be, I want you to always remember that you are loved and you


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I am a warrior, living with mental illness

Allison’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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The ALS ice bucket challenge has been a social media phenomenon. Let’s keep it going and raise awareness for mental illness.